1. Chubbynaga's Avatar
    I just ordered this phone to replace my Lumina 928. I would love to hear everyone's favorites. Since this is also an Android phone, there are many choices out there which is fantastic!

    What did you get for yours?
    10-22-2014 02:32 AM
  2. drufranco's Avatar
    Well from Verizon I got the default / stock screen protector and the blue HTC dot case (that was the only color they had in stock). I later ordered the gray version. http://www.amazon.com/HTC-Dot-View-C...pUvbUpU2827005
    Yesterday I picked up the Speck black case at Best Buy (It was labeled for the HTC one M8 Android). This case allows me to show off the phone more and gives me some grip on the phone itself.
    I downloaded the new Microsoft Garage Tetra Lockscreen and I am really liking the look of my phone more so then with the dot view / case.
    I am still keeping those cases because I am always changing my look on my phones because I get bored easily.
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    10-22-2014 01:25 PM
  3. Chubbynaga's Avatar
    I just started using my HTC One this week :) And I found the perfect case for it. Usually it will take me a few purchase before landing the right one, but this is really lucky first choice.

    Its called Diztronic case. Its slim, but protects my phone from all angle, even has a raised bumper to protect the screen. I am really happy with it. Here is the link to Amazon:
    Amazon.com: Diztronic Matte Back Black Flexible TPU Case for HTC One M8 (2014) - Retail Packaging: Cell Phones & Accessories

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    10-26-2014 01:33 AM
  4. scotiez's Avatar
    When I bought my M8 I purchased the dot view case. I was amazed at the cool features it had but after having on for a few weeks it got tiresome opening the door to view the screen. I ordered the case mate barely there clear case to house my M8. Love this case. Shows off the beauty of the phone while providing a better grip in my hand.
    10-26-2014 10:39 AM
  5. Mallguvner's Avatar
    I bought the I-Blason Prime series HTC One case for M8. It comes with a holster which I don't use. (I use a horizontal belt pouch as I always break off the plastic clip cases.)

    It gives plenty of protection where it's needed.

    Here's the link:
    Amazon.com: HTC One m8 Case, i-Blason Prime Series Dual Layer Holster Cover with Kickstand and Locking Belt Swivel Clip For HTC One Case 2014 for HTC One M8 (Black): Cell Phones & Accessories
    10-26-2014 10:58 AM
  6. drufranco's Avatar
    Its called Diztronic case. Its slim, but protects my phone from all angle, even has a raised bumper to protect the screen.
    I just ordered this today along with this tempered glass solution. Amazon.com: NOOTŪ HTC One M8 HD Tempered Glass Screen Protector Clear Slim and lightweight All Carrier Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint & AT&T: Cell Phones & Accessories
    The default screen protector I have gets really smudged by use so for the price figured why not.
    10-27-2014 12:16 PM
  7. Chubbynaga's Avatar
    Let me know how you like it. I am in the market for one too.
    10-27-2014 05:52 PM
  8. waazzupppp's Avatar
    For $8 and free Prime shipping, the iBlason case for the M8 is the same one I have on my M7. It's a perfect fit, allows the TV remote functions to work and keeps both the glass or the camera off the ground depending on which way you set it. Love it!


    10-28-2014 12:22 PM
  9. drufranco's Avatar
    Let me know how you like it. I am in the market for one too.
    It works and looks great (got both today). It was packaged in a hard plastic case so there was no way it was going to break on delivery.
    It is pretty flush with the case you suggested. I switched to my other case and it isn't quite as flush but still looks great.

    Anyways for the price I would recommend the Noot tempered glass. Heck here is a 25% off the $7 dollar price promo code they gave me, NOOT0025
    10-30-2014 02:04 PM

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