1. NightOrchid's Avatar
    Hi All

    Ive had to install my System apps, such as Audio, Glance Screen, Network+.. and so on through Sysapp Pusher because for some reason when I do a factory reset under Cyan it removes them, which is not an issue... as long as they work.

    One of the Apps I especially want is Call&Sms Filter as Iam getting spammed by cold calling and canvassing and recorded advertising.. sometimes as much as 3x a day at one point, but for some reason Filter wont work when I install it, even when I reboot my phone.. it says

    "Cant open filter at the moment. Please try again Later or restart your phone"

    Which ive done. I know im not the only one as many have had this issue but have solved it by a restart or rebooting the phone first then starting the app.. still wont work.

    See the problem I have is that I have my own independent Alternative therapies business and i use this phone, which i answer automatically as it could be a client.. which isnt so bad if theres a live person on the other end because they just hang up as we all know cold canvassers can be charged for wasting a companies time and money.. but its the damn answering machine messages.

    I do intend to call up O2-UK on monday because under EE and Virgin.. this spamming was never this bad and its driving me nuts.

    So can you guys please help me get this working.
    10-25-2014 09:09 PM
  2. Roger Deep's Avatar
    This has worked for me before. But now, and with the latest DP, no longer works. I have uninstalled, setting the date to 11-11-2114, open, it will tell you to uninstall... and put the date back. Installed it again... no luck, same error message.
    What to do?
    I have Lumia 830 with the DP activated. This is the Denim update and windows version is 8.10.14192.280.
    11-11-2014 04:31 PM

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