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    Here is what I do know. The amber update was supposed to bring Bluetooth 4.0 BLE to windows phone and I understand that you need windows 8.1 to seal the deal.

    I have searched countless places in order to find more information on BLE. I want to purchase an SBrick to test out the use for my After School Robotics Club. The Sbrick uses BLE and I want to see if the 520 will fit the bill.

    So has anyone managed to pair a fitbit or other Bluetooth BLE device with the 520?

    I'm tired of trying to find a low cost solution to adding Bluetooth. I've tried android tablets. Some of them cost 50 bucks with Bluetooth, but they are unstable. My old 520 was a rock until a car ran it over. 520's are fairly cheap and can run with out a sim. So it may be my go to device for controlling our robots.

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