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    Hi everyone,

    Before I go any further I am not a troll as I have had 2 lumias in the past of the 1520, the issues I pointed out can be found in my post history.

    Now this morning as I woke up, I used my phone as someone called me... Then left to use the bathroom, I came back and the phone was being odd and unresponsive to touch. I just pressed the power button on and off and it fixed the issue.

    Now when I tried taking a picture earlier on, the camera decided to zoom in and out when doing a focus image, thought it was odd OIS, so I exited the camera app and tried the Microsoft one, again does the same thing. Oddly it wouldn't let me focus properly.

    Now I did a soft reset and thought that fixed the problem, tried taking a photo again but the same issue. Now I exited the camera app to the home screen and noticed it was shaking up and down uncontrollably, eventually the screen won't respond nor the touch buttons. So I turned the screen on and off, which made the touch screen responsive.

    Thinking what may have caused it... I put pressure on the top and bottom part of screen and released the pressure and the issue appeared. However it will go away when I press power on and off button.

    So I want to know, is this a software problem or a hardware? This is my 3rd Lumia 1520 already spent excess money on return shipping and buying. I do have warranty but I think I'm fed up with returning and receiving. This is a brand new device, so were the other 2, I must be incredibly unlucky to receive 3 faults in 3 phones... If Nokia can provide and door to door exchange like they used to I'd be happy, but my strong feeling is they'll take it away for 2 weeks and repair and send back yet I have to bare the expense of shipping and waiting.

    I'm in uk by the way, nearest Nokia care point is over 50 miles away.
    10-26-2014 07:25 AM
  2. Westarmy's Avatar
    10-26-2014 02:05 PM

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