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    Recently (been happening for around 4 months, but taking longer each time) my phone keeps crashing, stopping any music playing, crashing apps or games to the point where either they do not respond at all, or my phone instantly goes on standby, locking itself and not responding to the power button, even if i keep hold of the power button to make the Power off scrolling appear, (which did work at the start of my troubles and did make it respond afterward, but now in the last 2 - 3 months has stopped working too)

    When this happens, the only option i have left when this happens is to take out the battery and place it back in and start the phone again. However it then wants to scan the SD card and and takes 30 minutes to an hour to allow me to use it again.
    Although sometimes it will be working fine, and just randomly reboot itself, then the outcome turns out to be the same, scanning the SD card for an hour...
    This happens at least once a day sometimes - however can sometimes happen up to 3 times, like today - every day now.

    Yesterday and today, when my phone said it needed to scan my SD card, i took out my SD card and used an SD card adapter and plugged it into my computer (Windows 8.1)... i went into its properties and clicked "Check" in the Tools heading, in the Check for Errors sub-section, and it instantly said it has found errors. It scanned it for a total of 1 and a half hours, only to then say "No errors found" (Or something like that)... and when placing it back in the phone, it said it found errors still, took another hour of scanning, then said "scan failed", i rebooted the Phone and tried again, it took another 1hr and a half to then say it had succeeded this time. It is now starting to do the same thing today, and I'm getting really fed up with it.

    I am using a Sandisk Ultra 32GB micro SDHC Class 10, and i am running on the developer preview updates. And I have a lumia 520.

    Thanks for any help...
    11-02-2014 06:58 AM
  2. MDK22's Avatar
    My suggestion :
    - Offload ALL media from your SDCard (if you have any apps installed, move them to phone memory, else you'll have to re-install).
    - format the SDCard on your phone - this'll delete everything
    - Reload all your data to SDCard (while in the phone, use either supplied cable (slower) or use an App - Easy Transfer (faster)

    Let us know your results
    11-02-2014 07:34 AM
  3. unknownguns's Avatar
    Thanks for reply, I'm going to try this now and see how my phone acts afterwards, I'll reply again (or edit this message) someday tomorrow to say how it goes :)
    11-02-2014 08:17 AM

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