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    So the Xbox Music app was actually working alright in the past few months despite its awful past, but since the latest OS upgrade on my 620 (Lumia Denim), I have not been able to update or even launch the Xbox Music app. I get to the green headphone loading screen, then nothing happens. I've let it sit until the screen turns off, put my phone in flight mode, removed my SD card (where all my music is located), yet nothing happens. The Xbox Music app is the only place to access my music from on my phone -- luckily I've been able to play songs using Cortana. Has anyone else experienced issues like this? I wish Microsoft would just update the app and make it as responsive and awesome as the Windows Phone OS itself. I love Windows Phone, but the music app is just atrocious... Any fixes or suggestions (besides hard resetting my phone, because I seriously do not want to do that) is appreciated!
    11-04-2014 01:30 AM

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