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    Hi all...

    A few weeks back I bought the L830. I bought it from Expansys UK and paid approx. 314 (including VAT) for it. Since then I have been reading here about how the 830 is being priced higher than what it should be given the SoC, among other things. But I am happy with the purchase - especially because it has a removable battery, Glance, Denim (though I promptly got the device in the Dev Preview program) and the MicroSD card support. But still, occasionally, when I would read threads here, I would feel a twinge.

    Today when I got back home, I saw a package waiting for me. It contained a wireless charger and a portable BT speaker!!! I had forgotten that when I bought the 830 I had entered the details on the MS-UK website where they were (they probably still are) offering these accessories for free. I believe the value of this package is 100!!! This means, the cost of my 830 comes down to 200!!! Now, that is a bargain, whichever way one sees it!!! Or, at least I think so!

    Oh...and both the accessories work just fine. My 830 is now sitting on the charger happily charging away. I tested the speaker and it works just fine and will work well when I travel, which is quite often nowadays.

    And, as for the 830, it is working like a champ! Very good battery life. The interface is smooth as a hot knife through butter. And, now having said all of this, I should also say "touch wood"!

    Cheers everyone!
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    11-24-2014 12:49 PM
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    Nice! Thanks for sharing the wonderful outcome!!
    11-24-2014 12:52 PM

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