01-22-2015 09:08 AM
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  1. BitPusher2600's Avatar
    Yesterday mine came from a seller named "celldays" off of eBay. What a beast!
    I can see now what you 1520 guys are always so stoked about, what a magnificent device. I'm still in awe at how this thing feels in hand, but I bet I'll get used to it real quick. Haven't seen any signs of this ghost tap / phantom touch thing as yet. Sorry if I wasted anyone's time, just saying cheers :)
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    12-07-2014 04:09 AM
  2. Dallas Gaston's Avatar
    Welcome to the club! Once you go 1520, you never go back!
    12-07-2014 04:38 AM
  3. Ed Boland's Avatar
    Welcome to the club! The 1520 is an amazing device.. I love mine! The touch tap/swipe issue is common, but not every 1520 has it. I haven't had any problems with mine. Hopefully yours is one from the good batch as well!
    12-07-2014 06:26 AM
  4. Nogitsune Micah's Avatar
    Welcome to the club. We're the best ;)
    12-07-2014 07:11 AM
  5. winboy's Avatar
    Excellent choice. I love mine and I have 2.
    12-07-2014 07:28 AM
  6. multo's Avatar
    Welcome aboard. Enjoy your gadget
    12-07-2014 07:31 AM
  7. GabrielStorm's Avatar
    welcome to the club. you'll get used to the size quickly.
    it's a beast, but I can't imagine going back to a smaller device.
    enjoy yours.
    12-07-2014 07:48 AM
  8. Kalyan Chowdary's Avatar
    I love ❤ my L1520
    12-07-2014 07:56 AM
  9. panchovx's Avatar
    Welcome !
    12-07-2014 08:19 AM
  10. Scienceguy Labs's Avatar
    Awesome. Great phone. :)
    12-07-2014 08:22 AM
  11. jomarr's Avatar
    Welcome to the club! The 1520 is an amazing device.. I love mine! The touch tap/swipe issue is common, but not every 1520 has it. I haven't had any problems with mine. Hopefully yours is one from the good batch as well!


    But I got used to that pos so no worries. I'm pretty sure you would too but I hope you got a flawless one. I'm pretty sure yours is flaw free since the new ones tend to not have that issue.

    Putting that aside, it's a FANTASTIC phone. Best phone ever!

    Edit: and again for clarification (most ppl say I'm trolling). I have an android tablet and I use a 1520. It's charging right now after two straight days. I didn't even fully charged yesterday morning and it still gave me two full days.

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    12-07-2014 08:27 AM
  12. xxfuzzyxx's Avatar
    Turn off magnification settings in ease of access. Seems to have ended all my swipe tap issues.
    12-07-2014 08:39 AM
  13. RumoredNow's Avatar
    Top of the heap, A number 1, king of the hill Windows Phone.

    Enjoy the heck out of it.
    12-07-2014 09:06 AM
  14. Dallas Gaston's Avatar
    I just moved and one of my moving guys pulled out his 1520 and was going on and on about how he found some amazing cases online and he LOVES his 1520. First time for me to see someone else with it. It was a good feeling.
    12-07-2014 11:22 AM
  15. dsimages's Avatar
    I joined the 1520 club about a week ago.
    Awesome device and OS. Should have made the switch a long time ago.
    Every other device I own and use is MS so it just made sense to use windows phone.
    Everyone that sees this thing is amazed. Then I tell them is a phone that over a year old and they don't believe me.
    It's hard for me to believe that why more people wont switch is because of "app gap".
    Anyway, best phone I have ever had hands down.
    12-07-2014 10:35 PM
  16. RumoredNow's Avatar
    Welcome aboard, dsimages.
    12-07-2014 11:28 PM
  17. WanderingTraveler's Avatar
    Welcome! We hope you stay a while, this is a comfy forum, after all.

    You know what they say about the 1520 - everything about it is big, especially the...battery life!*

    *- assuming you don't get a defective one, of course.
    12-07-2014 11:52 PM
  18. TechFreak1's Avatar
    Wait till you get Lumia Denim!

    You will love it even more .
    12-08-2014 05:36 AM
  19. threewulfmoon's Avatar
    My 1520 (a pristine used model) arrived Thursday. I set it up and so far am pretty pleased. Mine has the scroll/tap issue every once in a while, but so far I'm enjoying the phone. Love the glance feature, and I really like how the people tiles grabs everything from my wife and corrals it all together in one spot.

    I miss some of the apps I took for granted on my iPhone, but so far, I'm satisfied. I think I'm going to give it a little bit longer, and if it doesn't work out, for no more than I have in the 1520, I'll grab an iPhone 6+ and keep the 1520 as a nice backup phone.
    12-08-2014 09:42 AM
  20. Omaga_62's Avatar
    I have used L1520 9 months now and must say that is one of the best phone i used, perfect size for me and great battery life, exellent camera. Just love it!
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    12-08-2014 09:55 AM
  21. very_cinnamon's Avatar
    It's a great phone, but since cyan it feels less robust.. Does anyone noticed that the native camera doesn't focus when 'tap to take photo' is enabled? (it focuses when its disabled) I had it in my previous l1520, and my new one has it as well.. Maybe only the NL CV ? Please let me know if someone noticed it too
    12-08-2014 12:32 PM
  22. Reflexx's Avatar
    My wife and I got ours last night. They're both beautiful.

    I did have a sensitive touch issue where I had trouble putting in my password because it kept thinking I was hitting numbers multiple times. I ended up just putting it on Normal sensitivity and it's been fine so far.
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    12-08-2014 01:02 PM
  23. panchovx's Avatar
    Relock and unlock its a partial solution.
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    12-08-2014 02:35 PM
  24. MrPovilas's Avatar
    I get this babe one week ago. All people who i meet, says it like brick and very big, but i liked this phone. And about battery life... I chat a lot on whatsapp (2-4 hours min in day), always wifi or LTE, so phone battery long only for one day. I tried not to chat whatsapp and it take 2 days. I think if i turn off wifi or lte when i don't need, don't chat in whatsapp, and turn off location i definitely take 3 days. ;) my little review.
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    12-08-2014 03:02 PM
  25. CSJr1's Avatar
    Welcome to the club, a once obscure element in the smartphone ecosystem, we the admirers of the big screen and full battery life have gravitated to the tip of the spear. The one device to rule them all, our precious. Nothing WP offers now can take us away from it.

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    12-08-2014 05:05 PM
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