1. CTeodorAdrian's Avatar
    As title says.
    Phone got stuck at lockscreen, it wouldnt take any commands. It was able to recieve calls tho, and the speaker was working, singing the ringtone, could not answer them.

    Did a reset (?) holding power + volume down. Now it will not record calls in call history nor create new message threads or record new sms in existing threads. I can read the recieved sms but as soond as i press back it gets deleted. I can send sms and the person who i send it to recieves but it doesnt get recorded in my phone.
    No other problems as far as i can tell.

    Lumia 920
    wp8.1 update
    os version: 8.10.14192.280

    12-12-2014 06:39 AM

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