1. Marco Anderson's Avatar
    I recently got an 830, and i love it. the only problem i have is the front facing camera. while its taking pictures, the quality seems fine, but after i take the picture and i view it on my photos, the photo i took seems blurry and low-quality. the same happens for all camera apps.
    is there a way to prevent the front-facing camera from "auto-correcting" the photo and just take the photo the way i see it?
    12-25-2014 08:16 PM
  2. Mr Lebowski's Avatar
    It's a crummy camera and only 0.9MP, it isn't gonna give you much
    12-25-2014 08:28 PM
  3. Marco Anderson's Avatar
    but before i take the photo it seems good quality, but after i do, the photo just gets blurred and even the color changes
    12-25-2014 08:39 PM
  4. Noahma's Avatar
    Its a .9mp camera without the OIS, and your probably jerking the camera ever so slightly when you go to press the shutter button either on screen or hardware button. There is that selfie app you can grab from the lumia line.... it will help you use your rear camera which will get you a better picture. I have not used it, I don't take selfies, but it seems reasonable.
    12-25-2014 08:46 PM

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