1. grafixguy#AC's Avatar
    Try the get support for your device and then click on Nokia. Here's what I see. Notice anything missing?

    01-12-2015 04:31 PM
  2. ven07's Avatar
    01-12-2015 04:38 PM
  3. The19thD0CT0R's Avatar
    Important point: Do you actually HAVE an Icon? My account has two, and if I click on "support for your device" next to my summary, I can access the user manual, etc.

    The sky is not falling.
    01-12-2015 05:48 PM
  4. grafixguy#AC's Avatar
    Yes. I do. But look at that list.

    There are some ancient devices there. This is no accident.
    01-12-2015 05:57 PM
  5. The19thD0CT0R's Avatar
    Yeah, but they removed the Icon way before the 928 and 822. If you have one, you can still get support, and the update will come. Someday.
    ven07 likes this.
    01-12-2015 06:01 PM
  6. grafixguy#AC's Avatar
    And it's back now, but again...no accident. We'll see about that someday, but this phone has been handled poorly since day one.
    ven07 likes this.
    01-12-2015 06:25 PM

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