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    I ask this question here because it could have applications across numerous WPs, it just so happens that I have a Lumia 1520.

    I am literally three weeks away from being able to upgrade my phone. I took a tumble today on the ice and landed in such a manner that the screen on my Lumia 1520 cracked in my pocket. The screen is fully functional, but what's broken are my three touch buttons at the bottom. So now in order to back out of screens to get to the home screen I'm stuck effectively rebooting the entire phone.

    As I'm painfully close to upgrade obviously I'm none too keen on pursuing a repair of the screen and digitizer (around $200) nor am I terribly interested in filing an insurance claim ($200 deductible). What I'm curious of is if there's a UI option or enhancement via marketplace that would either allow for a duplication of these functional keys off of the bottom row to somewhere else on the screen.

    My hopes are low but maybe someone can help. Any assistance is greatly appreciated!
    01-14-2015 10:00 PM
  2. dKp1977's Avatar
    Impossible. If an app were to provide a replacement for the bottom keys, it would have to be able to be running and occupying a part of the screen the entire time.
    What you could do is use an app like Swift Launcher: swift launcher | Windows Phone Anwendungen + Spiele Store (Deutschland)
    While it won't provide any key replacements, you can at least sort of pin your favorite apps to the notification center and launch these from there.
    Not fully what you've been looking for, but certainly better than having to reboot all the time. ;)
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    01-15-2015 02:48 AM
  3. grm083's Avatar
    That will do for at least a few weeks. I wish there were means for adding a home screen to the action center or messaging, but I can work with this. Thanks for the help!
    01-15-2015 07:52 AM

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