1. AVerifiedDeath's Avatar
    A couple months back well last year September or October I think it was....
    Anyhow I had the option between a 830 and a 1020 and oh I wanted the new(er) phone but now its bothering me to urg for the 1020, I'm a little disappointed. Do you love your 830 or would you rather have the 1020?
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    01-18-2015 05:41 PM
  2. jailman's Avatar
    I own a Lumia 1020 because to me its the best windows phone for photography tough ur 830 is more recent and have more recent hardware i heard my Lumia ain't getting Lumia denim but heck with it it's getting windows ten mobile
    01-18-2015 05:48 PM
  3. gpobernardo's Avatar
    In the era of our lady of perpetual upgrade, it's quite common to read blogs and posts about how one should have waited for the release of newer phone than buying an "old" one. But yours, sir, on the other hand, refreshingly took things from the other end of the spectrum! I, myself, almost succumbed to upgrading to a "newer" phone, but despite the strong probability of not getting all features in future updates I'm still liking my L1020... it teaches me not to simply point-and-shoot (due to the "slower" camera) and rewards me generously for it.

    But, I'm not an L830 owner, so I won't be able to answer your question.
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    01-18-2015 05:53 PM
  4. Harrie-S's Avatar
    I own a Lumia 1020 because to me its the best windows phone for photography tough ur 830 is more recent and have more recent hardware i heard my Lumia ain't getting Lumia denim but heck with it it's getting windows ten mobile
    Just to make it clear. The 1020 does not get the firmware to improve the camera start up speed and 4k video but you will get the OS update like live tiles and battery saver.
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    01-18-2015 05:53 PM
  5. blue1k's Avatar
    I had both (sat on my 830 and now back another 1020). There is no comparison in terms if camera quality but the 830 is so much quicker at opening the camera, shot to shot times, and the overall speed and fluidity. Also get surround audio on the 830 plus hdr richtone (eventually). But I just love the 1020 screen and the look and build of the yellow brick. That, and having a phone with a xenon flash means I can never worry about taking night shots when I'm out with my lady.
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    01-18-2015 06:00 PM
  6. bokchoy1's Avatar
    I've got the 830 and love it, but I've also drooled over my friend's 1020 for ages. It fits in my hand better and my preference is for polycarbonate over aluminum. Then there's the camera - enough said about that. 😄

    Still, I'm glad I got the 830 instead. There's longer future support, the IPS LCD screen (not a fan of AMOLED colours and burn-in), expandable storage, a replaceable battery and removable back covers. These things are worth it to me.

    There was also the fact that the 1020 cost more off contract and was harder to find than the 830 when I got mine (in Canada).
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    01-18-2015 06:14 PM
  7. snowmutt's Avatar
    Moving this to the L1020 forum, since it is a question on that device.

    I am a little torn on this. While I understand by recent standards the L830 is a tad underpowered, we are comparing it to a L1020 with even less powerful processor/graphic driver.

    I truly think you made a good choice. The snapper on the L830 can't hold a candle to the L1020 in functions or quality, but the device should have better responses and commands in most every other way. I would wager it will respond to the W10 upgrade better. I would wager it will get any other upgrades to it as well.

    The L1020 still holds up well. It is a beloved WP. But I do not think you should regret it.
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    01-18-2015 06:16 PM
  8. pankaj981's Avatar
    I would've preferred the 830 over the 1020. Why? Because it's a newer phone and fits my needs better (battery life, expandable storage, built in qi, newer SoC, etc.). If the 1020's features were better for you (camera is the only thing I can think of) then yes, you should've bought it.

    Keep in mind, 830's camera is no slouch either. For me a better photo doesn't always mean a better camera, it really depends on the skills of photographer. I'm pretty sure someone who understands photography would take very comparable shots with the 830 or the 1020. Otherwise using a DSLR is always preferred
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    01-18-2015 06:28 PM
  9. metalchick719's Avatar
    "Should *have*," not "OF."

    Why complain about not getting one phone when you're completely pleased with the one you have? Just continue loving your 830 and consider all the advantages it has over the 1020 you passed up on. One being that it has an SD slot for storage expansion and another being that it's newer, for instance...
    01-18-2015 06:37 PM

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