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    Hey, so I'm having trouble with a stereo I bought. I purchased a Jensen vx7020 and I'm having trouble with the handsfree calling and music streaming. It randomly works and many times just freezes my wife's 925. It works fine with android and iphone...

    So my question is... Does anyone with an aftermarket car stereo have bluetooth working seamslessly with your 925?

    If so, what brand or model do you have?

    I'm thinking some brands/interfaces should work better with Windows Phone but I don't want to buy and install different ones until I get the right one lol So your help would be appreciated!
    01-24-2015 05:03 PM
  2. kbagrows's Avatar
    Bump. I would also really like some advice on this, as I am looking to upgrade my Jetta with a new after-market stereo. Anyone?!?
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    01-26-2015 12:42 PM
  3. ratsttam's Avatar
    Works just fine with a Pioneer DEH-P9400BH (I think that's the model anyways).
    I use it all the time. Only "issue" i have is when I step out of the car and leave BT range, it won't reconnect unless I force it to reconnect. I believe this is intentional behavior with this radio though.
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    01-27-2015 03:08 PM

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