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    I'm a bit confused by this. I have just ordered a 930, I am previously an owner of a 920 and with that phone you took a photo and it was 8mp as stated. I am reading this phone even though stated as 20mp takes a 16mp photo and you can't even use it, it uses a 5mp version. I mean why?

    On my S5 its 16mp you take a photo its 16mp, it backs up a 16mp photo, what is the point in using a 5mp photo? I never connect my phone to the PC, I have no need to. And where does the 20mp come out off? Is this a similar gimmick to HTC use with the one where they use "ultrapixels" to make it sound spectacular when in reality its a 4mp camera.
    02-04-2015 02:02 AM
  2. Harrie-S's Avatar
    The photo sensor is a true 20mp.
    For 16:9 you use 16 out of the 20
    For 4:3 you use 19 out of the 20.
    Your phone "creates" a 5 mp picture out if it by oversampling.
    The 16 or 19 mp files are more for photo editing.
    A 5mp file is also easier to share and does not need that much space.

    See also.
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    02-04-2015 02:42 AM
  3. JaniM's Avatar
    And secondly, you rarely need those full resolution images. Still, if you use them, you most probably resize them anyway. The pureview oversampling technique does much better job at that than for example photoshop. I haven't tried with my 930 but yesterday I noticed that when I used 38mpx jpeg with my Lumia 1020 it uploaded those 38mp pictures to onedrive. So I think it's also possible to to with Lumia 930.
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    02-04-2015 04:30 AM
  4. dj9928's Avatar
    I'd rather be able to edit the full image on the phone. For example, I am down at the lake with my kids, along comes a duck with a troop of little ducklings behind, they are about 20 feet away, if I go any closer I will scare them away, I take a photo, its shot at 5mp, when I zoom and crop its got jagged edges and is blurry, now if that was shot in 20mp I could crop with little loss in quality. That's how I use my camera, I generally don't stand on right in front of something to take a photo, I am at a distance and crop.
    02-06-2015 01:53 AM
  5. Harrie-S's Avatar
    The "16" or "19"mp picture is on your phone.
    If you use the app FILE you will see the high resolution picture is on your phone and you can edit it.
    Or zoom already in before you make your picture.

    But do not expect miracles.
    Maybe for the way you make pictures a camera with a optical zoom lens is needed.
    02-06-2015 02:18 AM
  6. JaniM's Avatar
    A picture is shot at 16 or 19 megapixels and you can zoom it with Lumia Camera. I'm not sure if it's possible to edit the fullsize image with other apps in the phone itself. Open Lumia Camera -> tap the little round picture in the uppermost right corner -> there's your full size pictures if you have set the camera saving mode to JPEG (5 MP + 16MP) or JPEG (5 MP + 19 MP).
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    02-06-2015 03:43 AM
  7. KllR007's Avatar
    best combination is 5Mpix JPEG (for sharing, and autobackup to onedrive) and 19Mpix DNG (for future edit)... Because sometimes JPEG its not good, so oyu can edit DNG, especially for night shot.

    look at this compare what i done - in real it was look exactly as edited DNG, and that yellow-tinted jpeg its not accurate. So if I dont have DNG photo will be ruined, but i had it :D

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    02-06-2015 04:58 AM
  8. AndyCalling's Avatar
    DNGs are for post processing. Do not shoot DNGs unless you plan to manually post process in Photoshop or some such. Auto-guys need to use JPEGs, otherwise you may find there's too much noise in the raw image.

    Digits zooming loses detail. Best not to do it, just get closer. If you need to zoom, you need an optical zoom.
    02-06-2015 06:52 AM
  9. dj9928's Avatar
    Seems it backs up to OneDrive in full res so happy enough.
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    02-07-2015 03:51 AM
  10. JaniM's Avatar
    Seems it backs up to OneDrive in full res so happy enough.
    It seems to do so. I didn't even notice before. It must be something that's added quite recently.
    02-07-2015 02:35 PM
  11. RED team's Avatar
    03-11-2015 11:27 AM

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