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    Hey guys, I've purchased the Lumia 530 for the purpose of a GPS tracker device.

    So I've set it up to my liking, switched off wifi, bluetooth, uninstalled unwanted apps, installed FollowMee and changed brightness as low as possible to keep battery in standby for as long as possible.

    However whenever I use the Battery Saver app and use it full time, it won't allow FollowMee to update the GPS coordinates. Even after allowing and allowing always for FollowMee to operate in the background via the battery saver options.

    Is there a way to enable GPS or Internet access or allow the FollowMee app to continue updating the coordinates for the new location every 30mins? After starting tracking, FollowMee updates correctly but then doesn't update again. Once I switch off the battery saver, the FollowMee successfully updates as expected every 30mins.

    The other option I've used is WindowsPhone find my phone which works regardless of the Battery Saver setting. This is good and perhaps I just stick with this if reliable and I can get 20+ days of standby tracking, however FollowMee looks a little more detailed and easier to locate the phone.

    Does anyone have any ideas or trying to do something similar?
    02-07-2015 12:47 AM

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