1. goofysam's Avatar
    I updated from PFD with the OTA last evening.

    Immediately after that I could no longer listen to podcasts (using Podcast Lounge). They play for 10 seconds and stop. At first I thought it was because I turned the screen off, so I checked the background settings and it was allowed.

    Next I left the screen on, and got the Sam results.

    Finally, thinking it might be an app issue, I played music with the Xbox Music app and it did the same.

    All audio files are stored locally, and have worked before.

    Any thoughts?
    02-12-2015 06:06 AM
  2. goofysam's Avatar
    So, it later worked over Bluetooth. But not via headphones.

    I resolved the problem by swapping in new headphones.
    02-12-2015 07:47 AM
  3. lmnopotts's Avatar
    My media issues:

    -It took an afternoon for the music app to load all music already stored locally on the phone. Afterwards only some album art appears and only some artist background images appear (this is even after using MPAtool to associate an image.
    -The ones that will show an artist image in app does not display on the live tile when playing and does not show on the lockscreen when playing
    -The native podcast app does not work. I open it and it crashes within 2 seconds. I had to hook it up to my laptop to manually remove my podcasts in the meantime while I look for a 3rd party podcast app.
    02-12-2015 09:00 AM
  4. EdgarPre's Avatar
    I wouldn't give up on the native Podcasts app so soon. I too had one crash at startup post-Denim update but it has been stable since.
    02-13-2015 11:57 AM

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