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    As I already discussed it briefly in this thread, I found a good deal on lumia 930. 300 for the phone itself (LNIB), a wireless charger and a silicon case. Still under warranty, invoice included.

    The reasons why I switched are numerous. First of all, I like my 920. After using a Nokia N9, I switched to the 920. Didn't have a "love at first sight" kind of feeling with the 920 but I really enjoyed it. loved the phabula design overall but I found the 920 to be thick, heavy and kind of awkward to use in the long run. That said, I had that phone for almost 2 years now and it's impressive to see how well it has aged. Switching to the 930 was a hard decision. Buying a new phone that doesn't bring "that much" is not my cup of tea. However, my 920 is really getting old: battery draining really fast, NFC died, bluetooth acting up, camera button very loose, damaged camera lens (black spot on all the pics) and so on.

    I decided to take the leap for a phone that ditched the phabula design, no glance and overall, that offers the same experience than the 920 but is a little faster.

    After a few hours of usage, here's my first feedback:

    I always found the 930 to be "boring". Very classic design, nothing exciting about it. Why in the world did they forget about the cyan color? But I do love the feel in hand. It feels lighter and it just feels better. Same goes when I put it in my jeans pocket. I don't wear slim jeans or baggies... The 920 was always feeling awkward in my pockets while the 930 is in there and I don't feel it. Good point!

    That was the main reason I hesitated and I do feel I'm gonna miss it more than I thought. Not having glance screen when you are used to it is... hard to deal with. It's rather counterproductive to be honest. I could see my next appointment without touching my phones (I run around with my laptop in my hands in the office), seeing the notifications and the time. Seeing a black screen instead is disappointing. And at night, it's even worse. anyway, I understand that not everyone uses glance so, it's a matter of taste.

    Mixed feelings here. Yes it's sharp, but the scrolling effect is awful. Text becomes really blurry, colors get mixed, weird color reproduction (I did change the settings already) but the sharpness of the screen is not enough. My 920 is less sharp but the overall experience is way better, it seems more "smooth". Not impressed at all here as I was expecting much more, especially when reading some reviews or comments.

    I briefly tested Lumia camera 5 and compared the quality with my 920. Considering that my 920 lens is actually damaged (never been dropped though), the 930 was going to be the clear winner. And the 930 is actually really good. I just took a couple shots and it wins hands down.

    Overall experience:
    So far, I still have mixed feelings. Yes it's a great device but I would have enjoyed it way more if I was switching from an entry level phone. Coming from a 920, I don't see anything stellar or incredibly better in the 930. It's a nice upgrade but not in every aspects. Yes it is faster ( or it seems faster ;) ), the feel in the hands is way better and the camera is better. But no glance and a meh display counterbalance my originally good impressions.

    I do believe W10 will be way more enjoyable on the 930 than on the 920, especially if we get more tile sizes. So, let's wait and see how it improves.

    However, if other people are also hesitating to make the switch, I would really really really really (did I stress that enough?) suggest them to wait for the upcoming MS announcements.
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    02-12-2015 06:28 AM
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    Thank you for your post and your very well written review!

    As a former 920, 1020 and now 1520 owner, I've really come to depend on Glance. I definitely understand your missing it with the 930. I also understand your gripes with the display. There's a lot of people that say that the AMOLED screens are "so much better".. But I don't think so. I had AMOLED with the 1020 and hated it because of the reasons you described. Very happy to have my 1520 with it's amazing IPS LCD display.

    Anyway, like you say, hopefully this new batch of phones coming out around the bend with Win 10 will have all of the best qualities and more. If someone were to ask me which Windows phone to buy right now, I'd have to recommend the 1520 because it has everything; Glance, SD card, LCD, etc etc.
    02-12-2015 07:50 AM
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    Hi Ed,

    Thanks for your reply. I agree with you, if i were to suggest a wp to someone and the size of the phone doesn't matter to them, i would definitely suggest they get the 1520. I also thought about the 1520 but after trying it, i realized it would be way too big for me. So i chose a 930.

    I may get used to the scrolling defect in the long run but for now, it is annoying. I think the people who are not seeing it have not used an ips display before. I actually read a lot of thread (not only on wpcentral) about this "issue", so i guess it's not only affecting a few batches, it's actually due to the AMOLED tech itself.

    BTW, if anyone else has a question about the 930 and how it compares with the 920, feel free to ask!
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    02-12-2015 12:56 PM

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