1. dj9928's Avatar
    Rather annoying this, I take most photos in portrait, now if I got to share this on facebook or the likes it comes out sideways. Why?

    Perfect example here Photo looks fine, click on view original and its sideways, its this side ways view that gets uploaded to facebook etc
    02-14-2015 04:40 AM
  2. dj9928's Avatar
    After searching it seems this is another bug. What a surprise.
    02-14-2015 04:47 AM
  3. Vlada Nehez's Avatar
    It is sideways on both links for me.
    Do you upload through facebook app or from photos ?
    02-14-2015 05:26 AM
  4. Roy Khoh's Avatar
    It is sideways on both links for me.
    They're both landscape orientation for me too.
    Although the first link shows with words on the right and the "view original" shows words on the left.

    Are you certain the photos were taken in portrait?
    I had a few photos mistakenly taken in the wrong orientation just after updating to denim.
    But the reason for my problem was the accelerometer was slow to react, took about 4 or 5 seconds to rotate properly. Slow auto rotate. Keep an eye on the orientation of the picture icons. Easiest way would be to have the flash on "auto" and see which way the letter "A" is oriented.
    Last edited by Roy Khoh; 02-14-2015 at 08:24 AM.
    02-14-2015 06:14 AM
  5. dj9928's Avatar
    I sure they were taken in portrait. I'm just back from the park and again took a few photos, yes the writing is slow to rotate but I made sure it was rotated before taking photos. This is the results

    Taken in landscape

    Taken in portrait

    As you can see the portrait photo is still turned sideways. For some reason on my phone they look fine, when I go to upload to anything instagram, twitter, facebook it is in landscape. I am thinking the phone is auto rotating to portrait to make it look OK, I tried auto rotation lock both on and off no difference.
    02-14-2015 06:28 AM
  6. dj9928's Avatar
    Really have to resist the urge not to bounce this phone off the wall. Try and upload a photo to facebook, doesn't work. Facebook. Can't upload photos from Lumia (App or WP Share) - Microsoft Community Bugs, issues more bugs and issues. eBay is the only solution for this phone, don't get me wrong would be excellent if it didn't have so many issues
    02-14-2015 07:14 AM
  7. Roy Khoh's Avatar
    Just trying to make sure you don't suffer through what I did with

    Just in case your situation is another symptom of it.
    02-14-2015 08:22 AM
  8. dj9928's Avatar
    Could well be another symptom. I could hard reset this phone but only as a last resort.
    02-14-2015 08:32 AM
  9. Roy Khoh's Avatar
    Easy to check. Just view your photos and rotate the phone.
    If it takes 5 seconds to rotate, then you've got it. Restart the phone and all (rotation) is good until you use specific apps (like Lumia Camera 5) and it slows down auto rotate for entire phone again.

    Remember to back up your phone data if hard resetting. I bit the bullet only after 2 days because it really slows the ability to take quick photos/videos.

    Of course, if your phone rotates within a second, then you have something different, a hard reset may not fix it.
    02-14-2015 05:26 PM
  10. Wael Hasno's Avatar
    Same issue here, it seems like the Denim update has messed up the camera apps on all Lumia 930s including mine.. I know at least 3 occasions with this kind of issue.

    If you want to take photos in portrait, use Lumia Camera Classic. It's the only one not affected.
    02-16-2015 09:51 AM
  11. AndyCalling's Avatar
    Wouldn't it be possible, for someone better versed in image-taggery than I, to put out a small app that scans all your photos taken since it was last launched and tweaks the portrait tags in each image appropriately?

    I hear this issue happened with Cyan too, so I can't see a fix coming from MS any time soon. Might be better to take control of the situation ourselves.
    02-16-2015 11:28 AM
  12. Peter Johansson3's Avatar
    Ok so I registered just to answer how to solve a bit of this problem:
    Go to Images ➡ Settings ➡ Standard Camera App ➡ Change it to "Microsoft Camera"

    This will only work when you use the Camera in another app such as Naver Line for example. Need to find a dedicated app for Microsoft Camera...
    12-16-2015 05:25 AM
  13. MIRCEA NEMTEANU's Avatar
    "After searching it seems this is another bug. What a surprise".
    Caustic-sarcastic, I love this.
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    01-15-2016 10:15 PM

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