08-23-2018 09:34 AM
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  1. Idiosyncrasy's Avatar
    Hey Windows Central Community,

    This morning I went ahead and installed the Windows 10 Tech Preview on my HTC One M8 (for Windows, obviously!). Thought I'd throw a post out here related specifically to the M8 until the device is officially supported and to answer any questions people might have about it.

    So far Win10 is running well - I haven't noticed a significant decrease in battery life yet today and it is very smooth. I have yet to come across any lag, stuttering, or freezing at all. The device did heat up while it was doing a restore of my apps/settings (I decided to do a reset after I installed the preview just to make sure everything went smooth). I have the M8 synced up to my Band and my car via Bluetooth with no issues and have all my standard apps installed - everything is working well so far with no crashes.

    There were some issues that were seen in the 730 forum that also are relevant here.
    1) You cannot hide the on-screen navigation bar.
    2) You cannot set a background image, or rather - you can but it will not be displayed (except for a split second when you are navigating away from the home page)

    If anyone has questions related to Win10 on the M8, just ask away!
    02-16-2015 03:58 PM
  2. worldspy99's Avatar
    Thanks for willing to help folks out!
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    02-16-2015 04:02 PM
  3. Idiosyncrasy's Avatar
    Sure thing! One thing that I forgot to mention is that the HTC System Apps do NOT work right now; they are like the Glance Screen app which is also not working on Lumia devices. This means that the Dot View case does not work
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    02-16-2015 04:06 PM
  4. princeegli's Avatar
    Thanks for posting....been wondering I someone got it on their M8
    02-16-2015 04:08 PM
  5. Edward_g's Avatar
    What's the process to put it on the m8 for Windows?
    02-16-2015 04:13 PM
  6. Idiosyncrasy's Avatar
    I don't have a link since I'm mobile right now, but there was a post earlier that had some info from the XDA Developers forum. After playing with the preview today though, I would not recommend that you install the preview; at least not until a newer build comes out to fix some of the known issues. That is doubly true if you only have the M8, I'm lucky enough to have a few devices I can use for development and testing otherwise I would never had installed the TP on mine
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    02-16-2015 05:22 PM
  7. Br1t's Avatar
    You are brave. With everything I've read, even if it was easily available I would pass right now. Not being able to hide the nav buttons would be a pain, alot of apps don't scale with them as it is.

    Does the restore function work if needed? Oh and can you edit the mms apn btw, I know some people might be interested in that.
    02-16-2015 06:56 PM
  8. eric303's Avatar
    are you on verizon? if you are do you know if you can edit the apn on the mms side?
    02-16-2015 07:00 PM
  9. Idiosyncrasy's Avatar
    You are brave. With everything I've read, even if it was easily available I would pass right now. Not being able to hide the nav buttons would be a pain, alot of apps don't scale with them as it is.

    Does the restore function work if needed? Oh and can you edit the mms apn btw, I know some people might be interested in that.
    You're right about the always on Nav Bar - some Apps just don't play quite right without the extra space. I haven't looked at the recovery tool yet to see if I can use it with the M8, but my gut says not quite yet.

    I am on AT&T, but my MMS APN settings have disappeared (I can edit my Internet APN settings though)
    02-16-2015 07:23 PM
  10. mackie99's Avatar
    Do you have a link on how to install Windows 10 on this phone?
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    02-17-2015 06:55 PM
  11. spoonxii's Avatar
    any thoughts on the camera? New and improved?
    02-18-2015 09:56 AM
  12. Idiosyncrasy's Avatar
    any thoughts on the camera? New and improved?
    I haven't used the camera enough since the upgrade to say this definitively, but it looks like I'm still getting much better shots out of the HTC Camera App. That said though, it is nice to have the familiar Lumia Camera interface after having used it on the 1020 and 1520
    02-18-2015 02:29 PM
  13. osumorris2315's Avatar
    Installed on my Verizon m8 today. Everything works besides system apps and the navigation bar. I'm just worried I won't be able to change back to the full HTC suite because the hack changes your phones identity to a Lumia phone.
    02-18-2015 04:17 PM
  14. Idiosyncrasy's Avatar
    I did a hard reset after the install, so my changes were reverted and my phone is an HTC again ;)

    Some of that information is also saved in your Firmware (which isn't changed by the hack), so you should be okay. Worst case, you can just go into settings->system->about and reset your phone
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    02-18-2015 05:40 PM
  15. osumorris2315's Avatar
    Ok great. I'll try that out is there anyway to revert back to 8.1 tho?. Also does resetting the phone fix the system(oem) apps!? Thanks.
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    02-18-2015 06:54 PM
  16. osumorris2315's Avatar
    Did a reset... it did exactly what you said, also fixed the camera app which is nice. Does the start screen background work for you?
    02-19-2015 12:22 PM
  17. Idiosyncrasy's Avatar
    Start screen backgrounds aren't working for me - it did work in the old 8.1 style if I restored from the old backup, but once I changed the picture then it stopped working.

    I'm sure you already figured it out already, but a hard reset unconfigured your phone for the Insider app. If a new build comes out that does NOT support the One, then you'll need to go through those steps again
    02-19-2015 05:53 PM
  18. Qais Abu-Hasan's Avatar
    Post some screenshots
    02-19-2015 06:16 PM
  19. osumorris2315's Avatar
    Here you go, seems pretty stable to me. Only thing that made me nervous was when the screen went black and then came up with a (!) after reboot. A simple soft reset took care of it though.
    Attached Thumbnails wp_ss_20150220_0001.jpg   wp_ss_20150220_0002.jpg   wp_ss_20150220_0003.jpg   wp_ss_20150220_0004.jpg  
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    02-20-2015 06:38 PM
  20. DFonz001's Avatar
    How can I get 10 Tech for my AT&T HTC One M8 Windows Phone?
    02-21-2015 08:27 PM
  21. bmetelsky's Avatar
    Best thing to do is wait for Microsoft to open the Insider program for the M8. You probably won't have to wait long, but this would be my advice.
    You risk bricking your phone with no way to properly revert back to Windows 8.1 if you mess around with hacks.
    02-22-2015 12:03 PM
  22. osumorris2315's Avatar
    UPDATE.. I installed this because I have a couple backup phones I like. Would not recommend it. I am having a lot more freezing that can only be fixed with a soft reset. Also LTE is not working properly. I'll let you know if I run into any more problems.
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    02-23-2015 09:00 PM
  23. Idiosyncrasy's Avatar
    I figured that I should also provide an update on my experience.
    First off: The exploit that we used to get this onto our devices has been patched and is no longer available - so you will need to wait until the TP officially supports the M8 or until another one is found. I also installed it since I have multiple devices to play with and I wanted to see if the apps I am working on will work properly with 10, funnily enough there are some layout quirks that I need to address that weren't present on 8.1

    The M8 running the TP is mostly stable; I have had one instance of the phone just rebooting itself and two instances where I received a notification and the screen would not turn on. A soft reset resolved this both times.

    I am not having any issues with LTE or Data not working properly, however I am having issues with the phone getting VERY hot while using Internet Explorer or watching any streaming video (Hulu, Netflix, YouTube, etc). The increased heat obviously indicates the processor is working hard and getting hot, which causes battery life to drop significantly. I am still able to make it through the day without ever worrying about the charge on the phone, but it isn't as good as it was with 8.1 (which makes sense, unoptimized OS and Firmware that isn't talking between the Hardware and Software properly)

    The always-on navigation bar doesn't bother me too much anymore, however I think that it is causing some layout issues. The Action Center shows the bottom of the second row of toggles even when the toggles are collapsed, the hamburger menu for the Photos app is NOT in the right place (it actually clips over some text and the top left picture since it is not in the top app bar like it should be), and some UI content is cut off in apps that don't properly scale or implement a ScrollViewer (This is true in 8.1 too, but you could hide the bar)

    I also cannot use quick reply to reply to a text from the toast notification, however I can use the quick reply from the Action Center. I cannot utilize the start screen backgrounds (the 730 is having this issue as well as not being able to hide the nav bar)

    This is also another known issue, but syncing with the Microsoft Band isn't very reliable and has a lot of issues. I'm still getting all of my notifications, but I can't sync my data to or from the Health App and cannot update the band using the M8 since it can't sync with the band to determine if it needs an update

    All of this, and more, has been submitted to the Insider Feedback app already and I'd imagine is probably already fixed in the newest build whenever it decides to release. I'll continue to provide feedback through the app and answer questions here, so long as those questions aren't "How do I install this on my M8?"
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    02-24-2015 10:00 AM
  24. nate0's Avatar
    Is this the M8 released for Verizon? Thanks.

    Edit: Nevermind, did not read through all the posts yet.
    03-01-2015 03:38 PM
  25. Mark F24's Avatar
    I have the One M8 but picked up a 635 ATT gophone to put windows 10 on, glad its working for you, I didn't want to mess with my primary phone. (not that I could have)

    This plan for w10 uniform from PC to phone is something I've wanted for a while.
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    03-03-2015 06:19 PM
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