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  1. jtranchina's Avatar
    Anyone else not able to connect to wifi after update? Mine was working fine for about a week after update but now it wont connect to any network, even after a soft reset.
    02-20-2015 03:50 AM
  2. ajst222's Avatar
    Mine wouldn't connect immediately after I installed the update, but just a standard reboot fixed it. No issues since
    02-20-2015 08:54 AM
  3. aximtreo's Avatar
    Try rebooting your router by turning off for 15 seconds and then back on. In some cases, this fixed the problem you are having.

    Let us know how it turned out for you.
    02-20-2015 09:05 AM
  4. PretACasser's Avatar
    I've noticed this in the last couple days, probably at least since the end of my billing period about five days ago, post update to 8.1. Have tried soft resets, but find manually turning wifi off then back on under settings most helpful when I notice I am not connected on my home secure network. Occasionally, I have to combine the two for effectiveness. I hope VZW/ MS looks into this issue. What is your carrier? Maybe is it a carrier issue.
    Last edited by PretACasser; 02-21-2015 at 01:23 PM. Reason: extra info added for specificity
    02-21-2015 01:06 PM
  5. PretACasser's Avatar
    My family is not having issues when we are all using our home network, so for me at least, is is unlikely to be a router issue. :(
    It is a buggy issue, as sometimes it hangs when trying to connect, says it cannot connect or indicates it is connected. Very frustrating. Any other thoughts?
    02-21-2015 01:09 PM
  6. joshualafleur's Avatar
    I have been using my Icon for a year now without any wifi issues before or after Denim...
    02-21-2015 01:17 PM
  7. PretACasser's Avatar
    I haven't got enough posts to be permitted to post a link, so I have to go about this in a more convoluted way:

    Google "report problems with lumia icon to microsoft" and one option which lists is Microsoft's troubleshooter. It is pretty detailed, you select through multiple options to assess your specific problem. Good luck.
    02-21-2015 01:22 PM
  8. jtranchina's Avatar
    A soft reset seems to work sometimes but not everytime.. Turning the wifi off and on doesn't seem to work at all in my case. Im on vzw so no issues there.. We'll see what happens in the next couple of weeks
    02-21-2015 02:24 PM
  9. grafixguy#AC's Avatar
    The Icon has never been known for its wifi. I've noticed a very slight improvement since the Denim rollout but nothing to write home about.
    02-22-2015 09:34 AM
  10. PretACasser's Avatar
    FWIW, mine hasn't dropped wifi since I found that Bluetooth was on (default after update? I never use it), and turned it off.
    02-22-2015 12:51 PM
  11. lithos's Avatar
    My Icon's wi-fi worked perfectly before the update, broke during the update, and has never been right since. I have tried soft resets, hard resets, and 2 complete reinstalls using the Software Recovery Tool. I have Bluetooth turned off. Sometimes my data won't connect either.
    I followed the procedures on the link that PretACasser directed us to, and still no fix. I may have to send my device in because I really rely on the wi-fi. I love the phone and would just like to see it working properly again.
    jtranchina likes this.
    02-28-2015 01:20 PM

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