1. shkshaka's Avatar
    I dint even know from where to begin... But I do need get something off ones chest. The thing is that I bought Lumia 1020 about a year and 2 months ago. And I've always took care of this as it was part of me. I always loved Nokia and Microsoft. But I don't know what happened when it's about Lumia family life time. We buy something and it mean something to us when we spend time together... Even if its a device. Another thing, is that Lumias here in Brazil aren't cheap. When I bought mine it costed me 2400 reais. Which is around 800 usd. As I was saying, Lumia life time isn't that big... And seems that each Lumia has it owns problems and its not universal. I mean. My gf had Lumia 925 and it died along many others 925. Just search on the internet and it'll be seen. Then she earned a Lumia 930 as warranty off her 925. And its microphone is not working properly... I mean. She can't record anything in apps that are made to record... The mic works only for calls (amen for that). And guess what? Many other users of 930 are having the same issue... Not even talking about the warming problem. I think its a manufacturing problem and Nokia or Microsoft need to see this. I always loved Nokia and Microsoft as I said, but I'm afraid to spend more money and in 1 year from now, my phone ending dead... Btw, today is my birthday and I couldn't talk to anyone :(... And I had a trip about last week since it was carnival here and record many videos, but hadn't time to save it on a PC.

    What do you think I should do? :(
    Is there any way for me to contact Microsoft?

    Forgot to say, but editing now... I tried everything to get rid off my problem... Tried to (volume -)+power button, tried three buttons, tried Lumia care thing from PC and nothing worked... :/
    02-21-2015 02:35 PM
  2. P1ng0fDeath's Avatar
    I'm brazilian too and i'll take a wild guess and say that some phone batches arrive (or are manufactured) here defective. Had issues with my old 520 (earphone plug wouldn't fit properly) and an 830 (back cover wouldn't fit properly either). Both times i had them returned without problems and received a working replacements (both were bought on reatail btw), so you should totally try this 'cause these things are really expensive here and i'm sure you don't want to waste your money
    02-21-2015 03:32 PM
  3. shkshaka's Avatar
    the thing is that is passed 2 months from a year. warranty = 1 year =\
    Besides, I lost so many messages or calls, since ppl couldnt talk to me and i didnt had another phone to replace. for last but not less important, is that Ive so many pics and videos that are there. pics are on onedrive, but videos arent. As I said, i always took care of my phone... thinking about sue nokia/microsoft about it, just 'cause i couldnt talk to anyone and it was not my fault =\
    02-21-2015 09:22 PM

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