1. sszemtelen's Avatar
    You use case? Why?
    You don't use case? Why not?

    Opinions, suggestions, tipps!

    Cmone guys! :)
    02-28-2015 01:56 PM
  2. Magnus Anderson's Avatar
    I bought the "Incipio DualPro Hard Shell Case" from the Windows Central Store about a month ago for my Lumia 930.
    I've had a few different types of cases during the years, and I think this is one of the best I've had so far, even tough it has no front cover. Let me explain why.

    - First, this case is a hardcase, and it makes it possible to use in jeans pockets. Pure silicon cases tends to get stuck and get really bad with lint stuck on them.
    - Then it's a softcase on the inside, so the fit is really fantastic. I always get dirt and stuff on the inside of the case, even the smallest dust always gets on the inside and when it gets there it will get stuck and make small scratches on the case, just the thing you tried to prevent. This case has not so far been dirty on the inside the 2 times I've taken it of so far.
    - When it comes to the front of the phone I think this case does a good job anyway. It's a little higher than the phone so a front drop will not damage it. The screen on the 930 is so good anyway that it can withstand stuff like keys and other hard objects hitting it on mistake, but I wouldn't keep it in the same pocket as keys... that would be bad anyhow.

    My experience is that cases with a flip cover tends to do more damage on the screen anyway. Once they get dirty they will scratch the display more than if they weren't there.

    What do you think?

    As a side not I can tell everyone to stay away from the case that Microsoft made for the 930 (CP-637). Before I bought the one I mentioned here I had the CP-637 case, and the corners are not as tough as they need to be. They started breaking down gradually after just 6-8 weeks, and that's from pretty normal use.
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    02-28-2015 03:08 PM
  3. X54TH's Avatar
    I had bought my 930 just before heading to Arizona on a golf trip. I went to the Microsoft Store to purchase the Nokia Flip Case to make sure I had it protected for the week. Unfortunately they had nothing but a Incipio DualPro Hard Shell Case. I was desperate so I bought it. I think its fantastic and did a great job in protecting the phone. My only criticism is that I have a hard time touching the left edge of the screen...the edge of the case sticks out a bit. Recently I ordered a number of different flip cases including the Nokia Flip Case CP-637 in Black. I'll probably use the flip case for business and the Incipio for golf.
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    02-28-2015 03:44 PM
  4. zkyevolved's Avatar
    I am using the Ultimate Shield

    And I'm also using this case, which I did a review on, here.

    Right now I'm only using the Ultimate Shield for the screen and sides. That's all :)
    03-01-2015 08:14 AM
  5. mary beth hale's Avatar
    I use the Incipio DualPro. The phone is so much more comfortable in my hand. Honestly think the 930 feels too "sharp" and uncomfortable without a case. Plus it's slippery(for me). The power button is also easier to press with this case.
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    03-01-2015 03:17 PM
  6. QuadraFX's Avatar
    I am using the Nillkin Sparkle. This is the wallet type case, but really greatly increases usage comfort of the device. It has hard back with cover. All the necessary holes (microphones, buttons, speaker etc.) are in correct places.
    Its finish is great, colour matches my black Lumia in a beautiful way (it is graphite-like coloured). Additionally, its cover has a small cut-out for the speaker so I can talk with the cover closed (to avoid smudges on the screen). And it is cheap, like 10 USD.
    And why I am using it ? Because it is really more comfortable to use my phone with this case on.
    03-03-2015 03:53 AM

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