1. Bamzor's Avatar
    I am constantly having to force my phone back to 4g whenever it drops to 2g. It will not cycle back to 4g in a strong 4g area.

    This is the only way I have found: settings>cellular+sim>sim settings>network selection>(defaults to automatic). This is where I force my phone back to 4g. I select "search for networks" tmoble 4g 2g and att 4g2g are the networks that show available. Even though I am Tmobile I must choose Att4g2g> then phone will show no network on main screen. I then repeat process, but then choose Tmobile 4g2g. Then it will connect to tmoble 4g...phone runs perfect. until i get in another 2g area. I drive alot so this happens. It is very frustrating that the automatic setting does cycle back to 4g in known strong areas.
    I have tried switching to wiifi on and off but connects back to 2g ...also when I restart phone it will stay in 2g, but if I restart phone when in 4g it will restart in 4g.
    Anyone else having these issues or have a solution?
    03-02-2015 06:34 AM
  2. sethitushar's Avatar
    Hey, I had similar issue on ATT lumia 635. Since I planned to use phone overseas where 3G network indoors is pathetic, so I prefer to keep on 2G but it used to latch on 3G if there was 2-3 bar of signals.However in phone, there was no such option of separate 2G or 3G in manual/automatic network selection.

    I figured it out with Field test option. Dial ##3282# . From there, I unchecked all 3G and 4G bands and checked on all 2G,Edge frequencies. Since then my phone stays on 2G only. The drawback of this method is, if I move somewhere where there is no 2G network then the phone will not pick up any other available signal of 3G or 4G until I allow frequencies of those bands from field test.

    I am mostly on wifi and barely require cellular data so for me keeping 2G is better as 2G have better indoor penetration as well as there are very few black spots of network for 2G in my country. Thus I get better standby time this way.
    03-07-2015 12:38 AM

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