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    I had to exchange my Lumia 635 due to a cracked screen (which is a mystery, as I didn't drop it or do anything which would crack it - weakness in that particular phone's screen?) and am setting up the new phone. Everything synced like a charm. But although I was able to select "Send new apps to SD card", I have no idea where all the apps I synced from the other phone are being stored. I downloaded Lumia Storage Check, and it seems to indicate that apps, media, and files are all stored in the phone's memory. But neither this app or any of the other file managing apps I've tried will give me access to the apps stored or allow me to move them. I tried connecting the phone to my computer, and can see where my pictures and music are stored, but neither the phone or the SD card have apps listed on them. How do I find where my apps are stored, and move them to the SD card if they're not already on it?
    Oops - found the answer! Storage Sense>Phone>Apps&Games. Don't see how to delete this instead of editing, but maybe someone else with the same question will see it.
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    If you go to storage check and click on the phone storage and then apps, you will be able to move them to SD card. You can't access the actual files.
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    03-02-2015 02:58 PM

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