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    I once turned in an M7 for unacceptable Bluetooth performance that had been updated for the problem by HTC by everyone but Verizon. My first and now my second M8 (Just got it replaced for another issue) seems to always not have quite enough volume and just constantly gets complaints from people I'm talking to on it. (Sitting still it works fine but it sure doesn't like a moving vehicle with the slightest road noise.) It also doesn't like to connect well if in it's belt case. (2 feet away) I have to bring it up and set it on the dashboard.

    Well today after talking to a buddy I switched it to my IPhone and called my buddy back to see if there was a difference. There was a really big difference. Is anyone else using a Jawbone or I guess any other brand with diminished performance?

    Updated: See the next post.

    Thanks... MG..
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    So no one has any Bluetooth volume issues with the Windows HTC One?? Sure found enough issues on the Nokia. Volume is a joke on both of my phones in Bluetooth. The IPhone just scorches it for volume. I went to a buddy that has an HTC One that I convinced him to buy and guess what? His volume is weak also. Here's a link to Nokia thread with the same problem. http://forums.windowscentral.com/nok...e-too-low.html. But no one here? It might be a Microsoft problem but not even one mentioned here? The phone is to die for without speakers but with Bluetooth it goes in and out and also seems to have volume issues in a big way. Is it really just the three phones I've dealt with?

    UPDATE: Apparently the Jawbone has it's own set of volume controls that make the top volume delivered by the phone still fall into a lower volume slot. I'm baffled as to why the IPhone seems to ignore this but once I used the manual controls on the Jawbone it can now blow my eardrums out. Sorry for the lack of Jawbone skill. I plead the IPhone fooled me... Now I'm going to hook it back to the IPhone and see if it was being ignored or it just comes with a much stronger volume to begin with.
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    I have the same low volume problem with my Sony Bluetooth headphones. I don't know is this can be improved, but it is frustrating.

    After playing for about 45 minutes with my Sony MDR-AS800BT headsets found out how to increase the volume in the headset (not an easy task that have a lot of people frustrated with these headsets). I have to say that I'm now satisfied with the sound.
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    I connect to my car and while I don't have issues, I do find myself dialing up the volume near max with some callers. I've never had an instance where I couldn't hear or be heard.
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