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    So everyone on PFD would have noticed the bug that where if you turn off the PFD it would show cyan as denim when the phone did not have denim to begin with. This morning I got a notification that there was a update available it was about 75MB which was the FW side of the phone(obviously the FW number jumped up). After the update the about section confirmed the jump in the number.
    After the update the OS number was still the same. So I turned the DP off and voila the OS update came through.
    After the OS side updated and I turn the PFD on the extras + info shows back to Cyan. So whatever the bug was still remains.
    Whats in a name?
    Hopefully the question just stops at the name and doesnt spill over to the performance side. Can anyone who is on 1020 with Denim and also PFD confirm if this is the case and not just isolated?

    03-04-2015 11:10 PM

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