1. vincent maddela's Avatar
    Nothing I searched on google has helped me with this. Update available, starts downloading then throws up the error. Tried about a dozen times. Restarting the phone, Soft reset, data and time manual change, lock screen time out put to never, hard reset, nothing works. Phone has been hard reset so lots of space, good wifi connection. I have two phones, the other one got updated easily ! Anyone has any suggestions?
    03-06-2015 03:53 AM
  2. Harrie-S's Avatar
    This error is "WiFi" related maybe your phone has a problem with the WiFi connection.
    If you still can download apps try this app to check the download speed for both phones.

    Try another WiFi network.
    Try to reset your router.
    Try to use the Lumia software recovery tool to get the update. (Denim?)
    03-06-2015 04:10 AM

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