1. sethitushar's Avatar
    I have been using android for about 4 years now and this is my first windows phone. I am not much used to microsoft environment.

    Anyways here is the story,
    Model- ATT Lumia 635 Gophone (permanent unlocked with Code in first attempt itself)
    Country of usage- India
    ATT activation - Never inserted ATT sim into it or any other USA sim.
    Getting issue since first day of usage (purchased last week itself).
    OS- Latest OS (verified it from Nokia/Mircosoft PC tool)
    I even reinstalled OS from the PC tool considering there may be some bug in preinstalled OS.
    Mode of internet usage- wifi (2mbps bandwidth)

    The issue is, I get this error 80072ee7 every time I check for OS update from phone or try to update other resources like languages etc. However the browser, whatsapp works fine.

    As per the information I was able to dig on net, it may be because of sync problem with outlook, or date time issue or enable the location. I checked all solutions multiple time, they are in order. But it still doesn't work since first day. I checked with multiple routers but no luck.

    The only 'temporary relief' I have been able to find is, if I enable my cellular data; I am able to trigger update. The update files of languages etc downloads from wifi but I am pushed to enable cellular data. I can see upward arrow on both network as well as wifi, and do I get notification from my operator for usage of few KB of data. But that's it, the cellular data is used to trigger the update.

    Please guide.

    PS- Returning the phone is not an option.
    03-07-2015 02:02 AM
  2. Harrie-S's Avatar
    Please check below link.

    First check if the ‘battery saver’ feature is turned off.
    If you have any apps update from store, run those please.
    Also make sure you have enough space for this update.

    error 80072ee7 on my lumia 720 while trying to update. - Microsoft Community
    03-07-2015 03:54 AM

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