1. Zephyr716's Avatar
    So last November I used my upgrade on AT&T to get this HTC One M8 for Windows and I regret it. The only reason why I used the upgrade was because my 1520's screen started doing things on its own(phantom touches). Don't get me wrong though, the software works like a charm and the hardware looks great but its the satisfaction of using a Lumia 1520(or any Lumia) that makes me miss it. From the little things like OIS and a camera key to, for lack of a better term, extra updates like Denim and that sexy large screen. I'm just upset I couldn't figure out how to fix my 1520... Also if anyone has the L930 in the states I would like to know how it is, just curious I won't be buying it.
    03-07-2015 02:39 AM
  2. starkeyr's Avatar
    That's interesting my 1520 is doing exactly the same. Phantom touches plus the screen takes am age to load. No one can seem to fix it. Unless MS bring out a like for like I'm gong to get another 1520 when I upgrade, and that's a first for me. Nothing comes close to this model.
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    03-07-2015 03:21 AM
  3. Zephyr716's Avatar
    I also had problems with the screen loading but other than that and the phantom touches the phone is honestly superb. :/ don't make the same mistake as me, upgrade and get yourself another 1520, primarily the green one :)
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    03-07-2015 05:52 AM
  4. Ask Sonnie's Avatar
    I have same issues with the screen, brought it for repair and and they replaced the entire assembly, since its still under warranty
    03-08-2015 10:16 AM

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