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    Hey guys, I just bought a new Lumia 730 and there have been a few issues with it.

    1. Using the phone on 3g and the area near the power key heats up.
    2. Slight lag when switching from an app (Eg. UC browser, Cortana) to the Home screen.
    3. After taking out the phone from my pocket, the "Double tap to wake" is unresponsive the first 3-4 times.
    4. Playing free flow and the game lags., but running Temple run 2 is working fine on high graphics. Also, Major mayhem lags on the phone.

    Can any of you people suggest whether this is normal or is it that my phone is faulty. I have not put in any external memory card in the phone till now. Can putting in a memory card solve the problems I am having? Or is there any other thing I can try to solve these issues. Or getting the handset replaced is the best solution? Thanks
    03-12-2015 09:04 AM
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    1. If the 3G coverage is bad/ low signal than this maybe the reason. In this case your phone has to "work" hard and this may also drain your battery "faster"
    2 Slight lag can happen the 730 has not top of the state hardware.
    3 Can not really explain it. But the double tap works together with the proximity sensor. So if the proximity sensor does not detect anything the double tap is recognized as real.
    4 This may be due to your hardware or the game design ("bad" job of developer)
    Games work the "best" on internal memory because this has faster read/write than a SD card. But if your free internal memory is "nearly" zero may cause some lag.

    So overall I do not think your phone has a defect.
    You could try a factory reset because some software glitches can also cause "overheating" and lag if a soft reset does not solve it.
    And if you only have a few 100 Mb free memory a good brand class 10 card may help but if possible leave apps on the internal memory and place music, pictures and video on the SD card.
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    03-12-2015 11:15 AM

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