1. Dali_zizu's Avatar
    Hi all,

    I got one problem after I finally got Denim update.

    I used Lumia Camera app to record videos. I did around 9 videos in length of 1 min. But when I checked camera roll I had only 5 of them there.

    I checked Lumia Video trimmer and this is the only app on phone that shows me also the rest of 4 videos. I can open them there and play them normally. I can also save them there and they show up also in Camera roll.

    Now my problem is that I copied all videos on my PC and removed them from phone BUT it removed only the ones from Camera roll. The 4 videos I saw in Lumia Video trimmer app are still there and are taking big amount of my free space on phone. I can`t find them anywhere so that I could select them and delete them.

    Can someone help me please? I really don`t want to make hard reset of the phone just because of this issue as my phone work perfect since day 1.

    03-15-2015 05:53 AM
  2. srikanth reddy4's Avatar
    connect the phone to the PC and try to find the videos....because in PC we'll have a better scope of finding files....use windows phone app in PC it may help u
    03-26-2015 07:17 AM

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