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    My nokia 630 was working fine until- 1 i put it on the car charger. Than i needed the satalight navigation for city driving . This was the first time ive used the app . Also bering in mind i have never asepted updates .so it took sometime to load infact i just left it and done my sons app on his phone. 15 min ore so later it decides to start navigating . Thats when problems start . It froze and shut down now i can only get the nokia sign in the middle of the screen on start up wait for short period than it goes into the 4 windows logo on screen than switches itself off and repeats this over and over at one stage i had a sad face logo come up
    03-17-2015 04:53 AM
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    If the phone is not recognised when plugging into a pc/laptop via the USB cable

    You most likely will need to run the Lumia Software recovery tool (note: I recommend you use the cable supplied with the phone as that is a factory cable) if a soft a reboot or hard reset doesn't help.

    1) To do a soft reboot hold volume down + power button until phone vibrates

    According to this http://www.gsm-abc.com/nokia-lumia-630-hard-reset/

    To hard reset your 630,

    1.Turn off your phone
    2.Press power key and after the phone vibrates quickly press volume down key until the screen shows the exclamation sign.
    3.Press in this order:
    volume up

    volume down
    power key
    volume down
    03-17-2015 08:54 AM

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