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    So about a month ago I purchased my (second) HTC 8X. This is the first phone that ventured me into the beautiful, yet ignored world of Windows Phone. I came from Android on a Galaxy S3. So far I'd never think twice about getting another Windows Phone, I've fallen in love (despite the lacking features in apps). But there's just one thing that I DON'T love about Windows Phone... The battery life is more than poor.

    Now I realize that it could be a problem with HTC, but my first 8X that I got before I ordered this replacement (the first got bricked weeks after a DP8.1 install) had great battery life and it was a refurb! This phone is different from the first one I had, it's 16GB instead of 8GB, has the OFFICIAL HTC Windows Phpne 8.1 update pushed out by ROGERS and it is a new, but open box unit.

    I've noticed that the device gets VERY hot when I use it (I do have an otterbox commuter case and screen protector, maybe the culprit of the problem?).

    If you turn it off, charge it all night to 100%, unplug it and turn it on, it automatically loses 1%.

    Sometimes the battery drains VERY quickly, other times it stays at the same percentage for an hour then drops quickly (restarting the phone while its stuck at a certain % causes it to lose like 5ish percent).

    I have NFC, Bluetooth, Data and even WiFi (when not in use) turned off.

    I barely use the phone, mostly for music and spontaneous texting and it gets me from 8AM to 6PM before needing a charge.

    When I first got the phone, I followed the manual and charged it to 100% before using it, then drained the battery until it would boot and then shut down after booting.

    2 weeks ago I drained the battery until it was stone dead, after that the improper read errors started happening.

    The device loses maybe a percent an hour on standby (with WiFi off) so nothing bad there.

    So the million dollar question, do I need to send this device in to HTC for repairs? Or is it truly the fault of Windows Phone 8.1 Your input and comments are much appreciated and I apologize for my giant rant here. Thanks!

    Thomas R.
    04-01-2015 03:46 PM
  2. Paul1266's Avatar
    Its your device my friend. The 8x was never the best battery wise (comparatively) but mine normally made it through the day okay on standby. There is nothing inherently wrong with battery life on windows phone. Cut your losses and get yourself Lumia with a stronger battery. that's my advice.
    04-01-2015 04:07 PM

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