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    I am using Nokia Lumia 925 for past one and half years. Recently am facing a issue, like for 3 months, the phone will automatically goes to blank screen after accepting any calls. Same like after accepting calls and when we place the phone against our ear. But in this case, the phone will goes to that mode automatically and even if i press the power button, the phone will not shows the screen. it will show once the call ends.

    Please help me out to rectify this issue.

    Shahid P K
    04-23-2015 02:07 AM
  2. Praxius's Avatar
    Odd I had this very same problem with my old Lumia 800, which is why I quickly switched to a 925 (then to a 930)

    When a call came in or when I made a call, it went to a blank screen and nothing would work until the other person ended the call or I soft reset.... As I couldn't hit any buttons.

    I assumed it has something to do with the front sensor. When you put the phone up to your ear, the sensor detects little light and turns the screen off so your face doesn't hit any buttons. It all comes back on when you take it away from your face.

    It might be that the sensor is not working right and always detecting darkness and thus, always has the screen off as soon as you answer a call.

    A way to check this is to have your brightness set to automatic and then put your thumb over the sensor while on the start screen. The brightness of the screen should dim when you have your thumb over it. If it doesn't change, then that would be a good indication that the sensor is the problem.

    Whether it is a hardware issue or software, I am not sure, but if it is a software issue, perhaps backing up your data and then using the Recovery Tool to restore your phone back to its original state might fix it.

    By any chance, has your phone been dropped or banged into anything recently?

    This started happening right around the last time I dropped my 800. The front sensor might have been jarred out of place / on an angle inside and thus, not getting a proper light signal (ie: Always dark)
    04-25-2015 08:17 PM

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