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    I've had a Lumia 920 for a couple years and started using Preview for Developers when Windows Phone 8.1 was released last year. I've mosly use the swiping method for typing since it was introduced on WP (whichever preview version it was included in). I've never experienced this issue until I got a new Lumia 830 a few weeks ago.

    I am finding that almost every time I swipe to the letter M, it ends the word, enters a period, and starts a new word. The result is an interruption of my typing and either completely changes my intended meaning or produces nonsensical phrases. I have to be very deliberate to only swipe to the upper part of the M key to avoid this situation.

    I was wondering if something had changed recently in the behavior of the swipe keyboard or if this was a difference in the touch sensitivity between the 920 and 830. The touch setting on both phones is set to high sensitivity. I've never experience punctuation in the middle of a word while using my 920.

    The reason I suspect it may have to do with touch sensitivity of the phone itself is that I have noticed that when I quickly do multiple swipe motions to scroll down a page, the proximity of my thumb to the screen often stops the scrolling or causes it to momentarily reverse as I reposition my thumb for the next quick swipe. This is also something I never experienced on my 920.
    04-23-2015 10:45 AM

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