1. vaderag's Avatar
    Just got a Lumia 930 - the manual clearly states the obvious stuff on the back, but there are also 2 little holes on the back (one at the top above the flash, and one at the bottom in the dead centre) - I can't seem to find anywhere that tells me what they are!

    Anyone got any ideas??
    04-24-2015 03:51 AM
  2. Tamas Berecz's Avatar
    They're microphones,mainly used while recording video,and during call for noise cancelling.
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    04-24-2015 03:54 AM
  3. gerzhwin's Avatar
    Microphones, 4 in total (lower front and behind the speaker grill).
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    04-24-2015 04:03 AM
  4. vaderag's Avatar
    Ah ha. For stereo video recording I guess? Or are they used for something more clever too?
    04-24-2015 04:05 AM
  5. b0nz1's Avatar
    The mics in these device are extremely powerful!

    They are not just able to record in stereo but in 5.1 Dolby Surround! Those four litte bad boys are HAAC rich recording mics which mean you can record sounds up to 140dB(!) without extreme distortion. When you film during a concert you get a excellent audio record, without the usual mess you get on other devices.

    It also helps in loud environments when you call somebody. This combined with the excellent earpiece and you are able to talk to somebody while you are in a real noisy environment. The other side isn't even aware that there is something going on around you. I don't think there are any other phones where the call quality is so excellent and the noise reduction works so perfectly.

    I bet you would be able to call somebody in club or during a concert. At least the person on the other side would always understand you.
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    04-24-2015 07:47 AM
  6. Praxius's Avatar
    And all this time I was thinking they were speed holes to make the phone go faster.

    But seriously, I was aware they were microphones, but I was always trying to find that last mic that everybody kept talking about. Didn't know it was hiding in the speaker.

    Why would it be there? There's already a mic a few mm away from that area.
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    04-24-2015 07:38 PM
  7. b0nz1's Avatar
    Because you want to know from which side the sound comes from. It makes a big difference if the mic is in the front or in the back. More data, better noise canceling.

    It also is essential for Dolby Sourround Audio recording.
    04-25-2015 11:55 AM

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