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    Which phone's screen is better, with regard to fingerprints, view angle, vibrancy, screen sensitivity, etc.? Does Nokia's Clearblack & Gorilla Glass on the 635 beat out BLU's 'Infinite View Technology'?

    BLU Win Jr. LTE vs Lumia 635:

    BLU phone pros:
    -front camera
    -SD410 processor instead of 400 (making it slightly more battery efficient, with a slightly better GPU, and it supports 64-bit OS though that really doesn't matter at the moment).

    BLU phone cons:
    - not possible to try out the WP10 preview. Dependent on BLU to release Win 10 update when ready.
    - no Lumia apps/Nokia firmware updates (which won't matter once Win 10 comes out anyhow, as supposedly every phone will have the same stock apps).

    635 has on-screen navigation 'buttons'. BLU phone has dedicated capacitive, backlit (?) buttons. I've noticed on games such as Asphalt 8, those onscreen navigation buttons don't go away, which make the screen size seem smaller or 'squished' in comparison to the BLU's.

    Which do you people think is the better phone?
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    04-25-2015 10:36 PM
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    Haven't used a BLU phone but reviews always seem to indicate the cameras are marginal, which would be a deal killer for me. I'm surprised how good the camera is in the 635.
    04-28-2015 09:21 AM

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