1. jochan's Avatar
    Hi, i was just exploring my lumia 535 and wanted to work on my office documents. I could manage to lock my one drive with password protection. But when i open office from my phone it also shows one drive and its content. So is there a way that i can also put a password protection on office, since the same content on one drive gets displayed here and anyone with my phone can open the content.
    04-27-2015 02:05 AM
  2. gpobernardo's Avatar
    From this article several months ago, it seems that one can only open password-protected documents but not set a password for those documents through the phone. With this, you may go to your PC, set the password for the document there and upload that document to OneDrive. Once you attempt to open that document in your phone, you should be prompted to enter the password before you could fully open it.

    Welcome to Windows Central by the way.
    04-27-2015 03:04 AM
  3. jochan's Avatar
    hi, thanks for the reply. On the Phone One Drive is locked( have set the password protect) but the same One Drive shows up on Office, which can be viewed by anyone with all its content ( if they use my phone ). That's my concern since, if i keep my document in One Drive for privacy and locked its open and readable on Office under the One Drive heading. Any way to keep it protected or remove One Drive from Office.....
    04-27-2015 10:09 AM
  4. gpobernardo's Avatar
    You're welcome.

    This feature may be present in future versions of office, probably in Windows 10 (for phones). In the meantime, not letting anyone else access your phone by activating the lock screen with the four-digit number combination would be the best option.
    04-27-2015 11:48 AM

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