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    I activated the phone but when I tried to hook it up to straight talk it said the phone wasn't compatible. I know nothing about cell phones so i'm having a real problem getting this to work.
    04-28-2015 01:07 AM
  2. Laura Knotek's Avatar
    Did you get an AT&T Straight Talk SIM?
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    04-28-2015 01:09 AM
  3. RumoredNow's Avatar
    Laura is correct...

    You need an ATT compatible SIM from Straight Talk to make your 635 work. Or you have to get it unlocked from ATT by ATT.
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    04-28-2015 01:22 PM
  4. Kodiak12's Avatar
    Greetings Guest,

    If that 635 is truly an AT&T phone then it will work with any AT&T network they own provided you have the micro-Sim from the carrier (as mentioned above). I have used both Straight-talk and Cricket Wireless in my 635 with no issues.

    A Straight-Talk sim card can be had at many retail locations "off the shelf" (like WalMart.) You get the SIM card and 30 days of Talk/Text/Data for something like $60. ($45/month thereafter)

    Personally I prefer Cricket Wireless (which is owned by AT&T anyway). It's about $10 cheaper per month with zero taxes but you only get 2.5GB of data versus 3.0GB. Something I can live with. Cricket uses the same towers and having used both networks now I don't notice any difference. Cricket retail locations are spotty but it's cheaper just to order your SIM and activate your account online.
    04-28-2015 02:31 PM
  5. Ten Four's Avatar
    Yeah, watch out, because ST tends to push their TMobile SIM cards--you might have to hunt around a bit to get an AT&T one, and then search the forums here for the correct APN settings to get your data and mms working correctly. Personally, I would avoid ST due to their higher prices and notorious customer service issues. Cricket is a good option. H2O, Red Pocket, Air Voice, and PureTalk are some others. I'm currently using PureTalk with 500 minutes a month + 400mb of data for $24.95. No taxes, fees, hassle, and free SIM cards. You have to order the cards and set it up on the phone or online, but they have US-based customer service who are friendly and helpful.
    04-29-2015 09:39 AM

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