1. cyphermadhan's Avatar
    I plugged my headphone to hear music suddenly my volume got down.. i couldn't increase the volume up. every time i increase it automatically decreases so i thought of restarting. When i switched off and switched on i get my htc logo first then a exclamation symbol in a black screen. This process continues in a loop.. Wat should i do. Please help me.
    04-29-2015 11:15 AM
  2. charlatan1978's Avatar
    I would start with trying a soft reset (hold volume down and power button until phone vibrates).
    Failing that a hard reset.
    05-01-2015 05:23 AM
  3. Mr Lebowski's Avatar
    That used to happen with my Lumia 810, I used to pull the battery and then put it back in and the exclamation mark would disappear. I saw no adverse effects as a result of that action.
    05-01-2015 06:22 AM

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