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    My Nokia Lumia 830 appears to be defective when using Bluetooth.

    This problem manifests itself on x2 separate trucks with Parrot CK3100 bluetooth and on my own car’s Renault My_Radiosat system.

    Essentially all works fine until about 6 voice output after which all Bluetooth audio is lost, it appears to be making a call or issuing an instruction bit it can no longer be heard.

    For example, I pair phone successfully and start Here Drive gps and audio comes through speakers on Bluetooth. After around the 6th instruction the audio disappears. The radio still mutes, the Parrot display shows activity but nothing is heard. If someone calls me after this point then I cannot hear them.

    I have tried with and without selecting the ‘advanced’ tick box ‘use an alternative Bluetooth audio connection for speech’.

    I have tried with and without Cortana activated (Cortana disappears when ROI selected as Region instead of UK).

    I have tried a ‘soft reset’ on the phone. (Volume down button together with off button till vibration and off/reset).

    This is also true if I make around more than 6 telephone calls handsfree as I have tested using the speaking clock. It still makes the call after this point but nothing is heard.

    This is also true of Cortana, you can hear it for around 6 attempts and after that the phone display shows that Cortana has responded but nothing can be heard, Cortana will still carry out any instruction such as ‘Dial 1191’ (Speaking clock in ROI) but you can’t hear it.

    All this means that the phone is currently useless on Bluetooth or to use as a GPS, not good for a field engineer.

    Has this been reported by anyone else?
    05-26-2015 09:49 AM
  2. Will Chellam's Avatar
    I have the same problem on mine, being used with a Ford C-Max (UK model) although mine is far more unpredictable - I can do a 150-mile journey with no problems but some days it happens after the first instruction. I have noticed it once when not using Here Drive+, just silence.

    I always have my phone plugged, in, normally listen to music, but it does happen when I have my car radio on.

    I have the exact same symptoms, radio mutes, display shows "Cortana" as an incoming call, but no audio. Interestingly, music seems to continue to play, and the speed alerts can still be heard....
    05-30-2015 02:10 PM

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