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    I've recently switched from an iPhone to a Lumia 930 and I knew going in I wouldn't be able to use my Pebble. I found out about that article published a few months ago by WC that tells you how to use the unreleased Pebble Connect app to get notifications working with Pebble and WP, so I followed all of the steps but my problem is that the Pebble only says "paired" not "connected" in the phone's bluetooth settings. I have to tap on the Pebble and after a couple of seconds it says "connected" but almost instantly, it says "paired". I have tried connecting to the Pebble on my Lumia 521 and everything works perfectly and it says "connected" not "paired" so it's not a problem with the watch's bluetooth.
    05-30-2015 07:24 PM

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