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    Please see and share your feedback,is my battery giving enough juice?
    okay, so here is the battery used by apps in last week,

    Surprisingly Health and fitness app is on top without any usage !!
    1. Health and fitness~ 8%
    2. Whatsapp~7.5%
    3. Internet Explorer~4.7%
    4. Phone~4.2
    5. UC Browser~2.8%
    6. Facebook~2.5%

    This is overall Statistics,
    But I believe more in last 24 hours Usage, that is
    1. Internet Explorer~8%
    2. Whatsapp~6.3%
    3. Opera Mini~5.4%
    4. Health and Fitness~4.7%
    5. Facebook~4%
    6. Phone~4%

    Here is how I use my phone,
    My 'on screen' average time is around 3.5 hours daily (Screen Tracker App)
    but sometimes it increases to 5-5.5 Hours a day
    and during this period I do following things,
    1. 20-30 Whatsapp Messages daily
    2. Adding diet in diet tracker in health and fitness app (takes more than 10-12 minutes daily due to ****ty app)
    3. Browsing atleast 10-20 minutes daily avarage
    4. 6-7 Calls Daily (2-5 Minutes all)
    5. facebook 10-15 minutes
    6. Listening Music sometimes 30-40 Minutes
    7. Check mails in mail app

    If I play any game battery drains very fast, 7-8% Every 10 minutes.
    Browsing is best in IE all other browsers are power hungry.
    Default music player (or Mix Radio) is best all other players eat battery faster.
    With this usage my battery gives 10-11 hours of backup, or less if I play any game or did similar thing.
    1. 3 Hours on screen~ 11-12 Hours Backup
    2. 5-5.5 Hours on screen~ 8-9 Hours backup.

      I don't use WiFi, for data usage I use Network services.

    Speaking the truth, I am not happy with battery backup of my mobile.

    Please share your battery backup and usage (low,normal,moderate,extensive)
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