1. rory753's Avatar
    it's been a while since i've used the onscreen navigation bar, but it's there on the lumia 640 xl. i was concerned about it, but microsoft got this so right now. they've added one of the my most desired things, which is to get the whole thing to disappear by swiping up. if you've ever handed your phone off to kids, it's inevitiable they're going to his a back button or windows button to get out of the game. this get's rid of that.

    also, they've made a function to double tap to turn off the screen.

    I don't know when this functionality came, but I like it, and hope they can add some more stuff. (double tap to start the camera)?
    06-17-2015 10:04 AM
  2. rory753's Avatar
    follow up, yes, i'm late to the game, and i see that the HTC M8 has had this for a while. again, this is awesome, and i hope they keep using it for more phones. I wish they'd enable it for the 635, though...
    06-17-2015 10:18 AM

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