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    Just went to 10149 yesterday and WOW!

    First off.. Edge browse in this latest build.. incredible.. it's a night and day difference (speaking in the context of the speed on 8.1 with my 640 XL) which is Decent/medium ok.. with lag in certain parts.. but the new Edge browser just makes surfing the web a breeze! there's a few stutters still here and there.. and weird touch bugs but it's definitely worth upgrading.

    Overall speed of the UI, i'd say 25-30% faster! no stuttering once you get everything setup.. and let the new Store beta do it's updates after you hit check for updates.. it DOES take a long time people keep in mind.. but i'd say after about a 2-3 hour time period of updating this.. configuring that and once all the dust settles.. it's a way faster and more smooth experience.

    i'm keeping this as a daily driver.
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    06-27-2015 08:50 AM

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