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    I have recently bricked my 2.5+year old Nokia 920. I was trying to run the Tech Preview 10 on it and needless to say the most recent update messed up my phone and I have no way of getting un-bricked to the best of my ability.

    I was looking to get the 640XL for ATT to replace my phone. I loved my 920 and everything that it could do. Right now I am currently using an iPhone 5 or 6 not sure which that a family member is letting me borrow (or keep) till I figure out what to do for a phone.

    I was looking to see what people thought of the 640XL and how they enjoyed or disliked it.

    The iPhone has been growing on me but A) It is a bit small for my liking and B) I do have a lot going on with my windows tech that I do have and I would hate to lose everything going together that I do have. But a free phone is a free phone but the 250$ for the 640XL doesn't seem to be too bad of a price.

    06-28-2015 10:39 AM

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