1. tardolus's Avatar
    Hey. I have had my Lumia 925 quite long now and one thing is totally annoying me.
    Especially with light theme the screen acts strangely: it dims itself when there is something white or bright colored and at the same time all colors goes darker too. This happens also with keyboard when writing something: with every press the color of the keyboard goes darker and the app in background goes slightly brighter. I took my automatic sreen brightness off, but it didnt help. It's just annoying when screen starts to "flicker" and colors goes wrong when for example scrolling some web page. I havent had this issue with my 920 or 1020 at all. Does anyone else have this issue with 925? Or is this some kind of fancy extra option wich I dont understand and I havent found.
    PS. I installed Win 10 TP (latest build) on my 925 and the problem was gone. However, I rolled back to 8.1 since I couldnt do all the things with the TP.

    07-01-2015 01:20 PM
  2. Geekson's Avatar

    I have a quite similar issue. But I noticed that it was only when the battery is low.
    When the battery is low, and I'm on the 'Desktop page', my background start to "flashes" (bright-dimmed-bright-dimmed). When the battery is full (or over the 15-20%) nothing happen.
    Is it always that you get this problem ? Or only when the battery goes down ?
    07-09-2015 04:43 PM

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