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    As the title says: I am exploring the possibility of moving (eventually) to a dual sim 640 XL. I could use the benefit of a dual sim. I carry around two phones right now which gets annoying. I have a very small part time business and need the second line. The 1520 is my main phone-but I only just got it about 5 months ago so almost don't want to give it up just yet either. Gets superb battery life and I love the size. I use a Note 3 on the second line and I have to charge every 2 days even with little calls because my part time deal is very small. The 1520 outlasts it seven months to Sunday and then some and I know it has a bigger batter than the 640 XL so part of me does not want to give that up although it probably would not translate to a horrible difference. Still, I LOVE the battery life I get. I use PayPal Here which has an app on Windows so I could start using the Windows app if I want instead of the Note 3 and then I wonder if I could ditch the data plan that I am forced to carry by having the Note 3 as my second line as I would only need talk and text on that second line.

    Now-I know that my 1520 is a phone from 2013 and we're in 2015, but the 1520 does have built in storage of 16 gb and the bigger battery, and a different processor I think, so performance-wise, what might the 640XL and 1520 look like against each other?
    A colleague of mine just got the 640XL and the screen real estate at 5.7 looks like it rivals the 6 inches of the 1520 almost toe to toe-my phone was in a case so it was hard to tell, but they looked almost the same size so I don't think I would feel disappointed size-wise. But the internal 8 GB would concern me with regards to allowing enough room for processing-is there a minimal amount to remember to leave room for? In the past with iPhones, I started to get app and photo happy so that I ran out of room on the lowest storage iPhone at the time which was 16GB. I now don't go nuts with apps-just download certain ones that have utility value, and a handful of games, take pictures, and do have an SD card which the iPhone world lacks. Right now I don't have an overboard amount of apps so they are all on my phone-but are there any that can't go to an SD card where it would be an issue? because I do know the 640XL will take up to a 128GB SD card, and I wouldn't need to bother with more than probably even 32GB.
    07-03-2015 11:53 AM
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    i would advice you that you keep your 1520 as it still performs well with 8.1 (update 2), until a true successor surfaces. i have a 1520 and 640xl the only difference that is really worth mentioning is the 5mp ffc and refreshed build material for 640xl. i won't go into details on to their build, size and memory since what you are looking for is user experience (status quo) . both are good performers considering that 640xl is a low tiered phone compared to 1520.

    i noticed on the 640xl that in low light, you can actually see the slow refresh rate of the screen maintaining the correct brightness intensity (as mine is set to auto). in normally/highly lit areas (in/outdoor), 640xl screen readability is superb.

    if you could spare some more patience, there will be a more capable successor to 1520. all up to you though. :D
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    07-04-2015 04:47 AM
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    Thanks! What would rock is if the 1520 successor offers dual sim as well which is ultimately what I could use. my 1520 is stellar in performance. The dual sim and big screen is so tempting though but I am pretty sure I'll keep carrying two phones. The 1520 is my main one with the Note 3 just being on my second line.
    07-04-2015 08:16 PM
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    I second the vote of staying with the 1520 and waiting for 10 to be released. You'd sacrifice quite a bit to step down to an XL.
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    07-05-2015 11:49 AM
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    I second the vote of staying with the 1520 and waiting for 10 to be released. You'd sacrifice quite a bit to step down to an XL.
    07-06-2015 08:50 AM
  6. convert's Avatar
    thanks! The more I think about it, the more I know I am holding on to my 1520. I just will tough it out with two phones LOL. My next upgrade will be due by then anyway although the 1520 should last me some time here.
    07-06-2015 08:55 AM

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