1. StefanKa's Avatar
    My Lumia 930 is getting more and more annoying to use every day. I'm running on 8.1 Denim.

    It first started with the brightness toggle in the notification center. After using the phone for a few minutes it buggs so when I want to change from High to Automatic it says High after clicking but the brightness changes to low setting. When I click it again, it goes to Medium and High and then High (having the Low setting brightness). So it skipps Automatic level and the setting name is bugged. When I check the full setting it say that Automatic brightness is enabled.

    Turning my phone off and on again solves the problem.

    Then there is the rotation. After some time the phone just stops rotating the screen. In the full settings panel, auto-rotation shows as on, but doesn't work.

    Turning my phone off and on again solves the problem.

    Recently I've noticed when two above bugs happen, I also lose the ability tu use WiFi. It's on, but it doesn't see any networks. When I go into settings and try to turn it off and on again, when I switch the toggle to 'Off' it becomes grayed out and the phone is 'thinking' (dots at the top of the scfeen). It stays that way and I can't turn on the WiFi again.

    That is of course until I turn my phone off and on again.

    That brings me to the reason I wrote here - I am forced to reset my phone every 5 minutes or else I can't use some of it's features (i just discovered 3, no idea how many more there are). Anyone had similar problem? Anyone found a solution? The may update did nothing to fix this...
    07-04-2015 02:47 AM
  2. Julian_C's Avatar
    You could maybe try a HARD Reset (you loose all data)... But nevertheless my 930 is buggy too... When turning on the blue windows logo (the first) lights up for around 45-60sec (honestly i never measured it, but it's WAY to long). Also the cellular data toggle sometimes seems to be active, even when data turned off... At the next pull down (notification center) its disabled (as it should be)
    07-04-2015 12:39 PM
  3. Torontonian22's Avatar
    The 930 is maybe the worst phone i have ever owned. Mine too is getting buggier everyday and I'm starting to be fed up with rebooting my phone more often than not. Most of the time it would not connect to wifi... randomly. my 920 never had that issue. Sometimes 3G won't work either, for no reasons. Some days it's the bluetooth acting up, some other days it's nfc, some days it's overheating or the battery gets drained super fast, now the camera button is acting up (sometimes it launches the camera, sometimes pressing it doesn't do anything unless I unlock the phone first...)... there is no consistency at all. of course, rebooting fixes the issue i'm facing.

    I already replaced it once (under warranty) and the 2nd 930 is still as bad as the first one. I had more problems with my 930 in 4 months than with my 920 in 2 years. terrible "flagship" phone.
    07-05-2015 11:44 AM
  4. Torontonian22's Avatar
    Two more issues that I faced this week (of course, even more reboot than usual).

    Xbox music:
    For the first time I got an error code CDxxxx - unable to play this format (I took a screenshot but even that didn't work)... while trying to play a song that I already listened to a thousand times on my lumia. Xbox music was working fine yesterday and was basically the only thing that was almost stable on this phone so far. Guess what? I used the 930's favorite feature: The Reboot (they should add a toggle in the notification center, it's my top of the list feature so far) and it was working again.

    But wait, there's more... got on my way to work and realized that the "health and fitness" app stopped tracking my steps... apparently the pedometer was disabled. ok... I play dumb and check the settings. Nope, the movement tracking was actually enabled, as usual. Called my favorite feature to save me once again: The Reboot to the rescue! and it started working okay once back on.

    2 reboot in less than an hour, lost 15% battery in the process. The 930 is getting closer to the garbage bin every day.
    07-10-2015 03:31 AM
  5. heickelrrx's Avatar
    Try flash your devices using Nokia Recovery tools
    07-10-2015 05:00 AM
  6. Torontonian22's Avatar
    Well, my phone was completely reset 2 months ago (my 930 is four months old). I shouldn't have to reset my phone every two months.
    07-10-2015 06:27 AM
  7. QuadraFX's Avatar
    Well, my phone was completely reset 2 months ago (my 930 is four months old). I shouldn't have to reset my phone every two months.
    Have you ever heard that electronics could be just damaged ? HINT : service point !
    07-10-2015 09:15 AM
  8. Torontonian22's Avatar
    Thanks for your reply QuadraFX. But yes, I do understand that tech stuff aren't flawless. However, there is a threshold to one's patience. If you agree to pay the full price for a "high end" device but end up with a ****ty device "because it's simply damaged and it's okay", good for you. My 920 wasn't perfect either but wasn't as buggy as the 930. I also owned other devices (Samsung that you all hate so much and an iPhone as well). I decided to stick with WP because I just like the OS even if it's miles behind the competition. Now hardware wise, I never had that much problems with other devices.

    I never had to return my Nokia N9, my Samsung S4, my 920 or my very old iPhone 3GS. Even better, my Nokia N9, Samsung S4 and iPhone 3GS actually were more stable and reliable than the 920 (i'm not even comparing to the 930). I returned my 930 less than 2 months after I got it. The new one I received is as bad as the first one. BTW, the after sales service from Nokia/MS is terrible as well. I had to argue for 1hour and a half to change a faulty device even if it was still under warranty (got a 2 year warranty and the phone was actually flawless design-wise). Never had to go to after sales with the other devices but the only time I faced the Apple customer service, they actually changed some parts of my macbook (that was working perfectly btw) for free even if my warranty was over 2 years before... high price, good service, see where I'm coming from?

    Sooo... reset or not, it's still terrible. It's even worse to come to the point that you have to justify faulty devices with philosophical quotes aka, electronics could just be damaged, it's OKAY! Sorry, it's not. For the price you pay, it's simply not. But once again, if you are okay with that, good for you.

    and if you read a lot of forums, not just WPcentral where most fanboys won't even talk about defects (or simply do not see the defects.. you know, convincing yourself you made the right choice?), you'll see a lot of people complaining about the 930 on several different aspects (go to the microsoft forums, you'll see). Considering the ridiculous low amount of 930/icon sold worldwide, it is concerning that the quality is not making up for the low quantity.

    Anyway, this thread is about 930 getting buggier which is the case, at least with mine.

    Of course there are some 930 that are working fine but so far, I've owned 2 of them, both are terrible. and a lot of people on different forums are complaining about most of the issues I'm facing as well, therefore it's not just my device but a batch or a few batches of devices that are actually faulty.
    07-13-2015 04:24 AM
  9. infinidim's Avatar
    Try flash your devices using Nokia Recovery tools
    Mine was OK until I put Windows 10 Mobile on it and had to use the Recovery Tool, after that it has become quite buggy.


    07-13-2015 10:35 AM

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